Feeding My Fiancée
Feeding My Fiancée

What Sets Me Apart?

What’s it like to be a guy who is trying to impress a girl that loves food? Stressful! Here at Feeding My Fiancée you will find original recipes inspired by a guy that wants to impress “her” through new food experiences in an attempt to avoid hanger.

Our mission is to provide easy to follow recipes for guys (or gals) trying to impress their special someone, with their skills in the kitchen. What better way to show your love than with your home cooking!

So sit back, grab a drink, and enjoy a simple recipe that could leave him or her with a full stomach and an even fuller heart.

Jarrett Cutsler, Feeding My Fiancée



All About Jarrett

Hey guys!

Thank you for visiting my site! Here you will find all of your easy and delicious recipe needs! My name is Jarrett Cutsler and I grew up outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Growing up, I began to develop a passion for food and cooking in High School. Blue Box Mac & Cheese slowly turned into Homemade Mac & Cheese and Bagged Salad soon turned into creative combinations. Throughout college I found myself limited to pasta and pizza (not a bad diet!). However, when I met my girlfriend I began taking cooking more seriously. I used everything that I had learned over my “trial and error” years, and navigated my way through creative ideas and cookbooks. Feeding My Fiancée was born soon after our engagement, and the rest is history! My story in the kitchen continues to be told through new recipes, and a girl who loves to eat just as much as I do! Please join me as I do my best to provide you with simple homemade meals that continue the fight against spousal hanger in the household! #fightinghangersince2012