Feeding My Fiancée
Feeding My Fiancée

Company: The Truffleist

Product: Truffle Honey

Rating: 5 out of 5

This honey is the bees knees! The honey is good, but that added punch of truffle in every bite is pure insanity. This stuff is legit! Seriously, just give me a spoon…


This Truffle Honey will take your cheese board to the next level! Other than indulging in this delicious Truffle Avocado Toast Recipe, I will be including this on my cheese boards from this day forward. It’s affordable, and just as good, if not better than some others out there that will put a dent in your funds. This one is a no brainer! I’m literally picturing myself eating a peanut butter and truffle honey sandwich. Yes. It’s that good…

In the picture below, you will find the recipe to craft your own Truffle Avocado Toast. First of all, it’s avocado, so your good. The radishes and micro greens are everything you need to tie this one all together. The goat cheese on the bottom is amazing, and the truffle honey will make you close your eyes when you chew. I’m serious. It’s a bangin’ combo and you’ll be rewarded for taking the time to build this treat. Take a screen shot and give it a whirl.


How did mine turn out? Awesome of course! The Truffleist puts out a lot of great products that I continue to enjoy. However, the Truffle Honey will forever be my favorite. I put this stuff on anything that makes sense because it is JUST THAT GOOD. So do yourself a favor and check this stuff out. You wont be sorry…



Company: Le Creuset

Product: Heart Shaped Cast-Iron Dutch Oven

Rating: 5 out of 5

So, what was so good about the Le Creuset Heart Shaped Cast-Iron Dutch Oven? Just about everything!


When I say just about everything, what I really mean is nothing stood out that I didn’t like. The color is beautiful, as most Le Creuset products are known for. The wings on the sides made it easy to transfer, and the knob on the top of the lid never got hot while on the stovetop. I was literally checking on my Chili without gloves. LOVE IT.

Now, I am not crazy about heart shaped objects. Especially not cookware. However, my wife and I received this as a special wedding gift, so of course we were excited! This is the first real scenario where I cooked something that would truly put it to the test. Yes, the shape is a heart, but that didn’t hold me back from cooking up the perfect batch of Turkey Chili. Not only did the cast-Iron heat well and maintain an appropriate level, but it was super easy to clean. Huge win!

I gave this product a 5 out of 5 rating because of its gorgeous color, strong craftsmanship, durability, and easy care. I highly recommend this product. Maybe you don’t want a heart shaped dutch oven, but I suggest you invest in a dutch oven made by Le Creuset! You can’t go wrong!


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