Jarrett Cutsler

Salmon Burgers

Jarrett Cutsler
Salmon Burgers

Who says you can’t grill year-round!? Tear the cover off that baby and fire her up!

I LOVE the grill. Especially my charcoal grill. But, who cares about what I love? I’m dedicated to “Feeding My Fiancee,” after all. She’s now my wife, by the way. I wouldn’t have married her if she didn’t appreciate a grilled meal… KIDDING. However, if that WAS true, you could probably say that I settled. But, I didn’t! So, lucky me, she loves grilled food. I hit the jackpot. Love ya, honey!

Traditionally, a grill means hotdogs and hamburgers. ‘Merica! Everything about it bleeds red, white and blue. It’s awesome! But, man have I since discovered that a grill can do so much more than just hotdogs and hamburgers. JUST hotdogs and hamburgers? WTF, Jarrett? I know. I love them too. HUGE burger guy. A hotdog on a cool summer night, while spectating my Dad’s over-35 softball beer league? You’re damn right! So good. But, what about chicken? What about sausage? What about vegetables? What about steak? What about shish kabobs? WHAT ABOUT SALMON? And THAT, is what I am focusing on for this post. Wait. Wait. Wait. SALMON BURGERS. That’s all she wrote…

PS. If you don’t have a grill you can do this in a cast-iron skillet! A normal pan works too…

My wife loves Salmon. Which is great because so do I. I would say we eat Salmon about once a week. That’s why you have to mix it up! I am going to give you the simplest recipe, that will allow you to turn 2 filet of salmon into 2 salmon burgers. Voila!


2 Filet of Salmon

1 Avocado

2 Sesame Seed Buns (toasted)

1 Fresh Dill Sprig

1/4 Cup Sour Cream

1 Egg

1 Clove Minced Garlic

1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice

1/2 Cup Panko Bread Crumbs

Salt & Pepper to Taste


  1. Preheat your grill (medium heat should be just fine).

  2. Place your Salmon, Dill, Lemon Juice, Minced Garlic, Salt & Pepper into a food processor and pulse until finely chopped.

  3. Dump the mixture into a large mixing bowl. With your clean washed hands, work in the raw Egg and Panko.

  4. Once the mixture is fully blended, form two “Salmon Patties.”

  5. Grill ‘em up!

  6. Meanwhile, halve your Avocado and spoon it all out into a small bowl. Mix the Avocado with a fork until you have a Guacomole.

  7. Mix your Sour Cream into the “Guac,” until you get an “Avocado Cream Sauce.”

  8. Place the Salmon Burgers on your Toasted Sesame Buns.

  9. Top with the Avocado Cream Sauce.